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Dear TinyWall User,

I kindly ask you that - given you are happy with TinyWall - support my efforts by donating. Your appreciation will be used to support development by covering software costs, hosting and digital certificate fees, as well as by encouraging future work. You can donate by using your credit card or PayPal account.

The Donor List

Folks Who Showed Their Support

Thanks for this amazing app!!!

I have used the TinyWall FW over the years and with family/ far the simplest firewall without compromise.

Great functionality with tiny size, thanks.

You code a great firewall pal!!

Thank you for this great product.


A great work to make our world safer. A free firewall, without ad, without pop-ups, without unnecessary upgrade directions! It simply is exemplary.

Sathyanarayanan Alisseril

Great program! Thank You :)


I just couldn't get Windows Firewall to work the way I wanted to.

I even tried completely turning off Windows Firewall but still no luck.

I thought the problem was with my external WiFi adapter working on (2.4Ghz) and ordered a 5GHz wireless adaptor!

I was skeptical at first but then I just tried TinyWall. Added the applications I wanted to unblock to the list and it just F***** worked!

Came straight the donations section, and donated! No regrets!

Ranhiru Cooray

Very simple and efficient firewall. Thank you!
I would like to have a quick option to enable/disable programs on the white-list. Maybe a right-click >> Enable/Disable the rule.


Thank you for making this user-friendly software.

Mikhail Roga

Danke, tolle Software


A happy user!


Used a lot of firewalls but this is by far the smallest and safest ( if you use your own brains ) :-)

Smart use of the Windows firewall, good program. You have to be a bit familiar with your system to make full use of the advantages. Congrats to the developer, success with development.


Many thanks to you for bringing TinyWall to the Internet community! Your innovative Windows firewall is no-nonsense, ultra compact, easy to configure, requires few system resources, and effortless to use. TinyWall powerfully extends Windows own firewall without bloating your machine with additional drivers and system-hogging features. After a quick, streamlined installation and a few minutes of setup, you're good to go! No meddlesome pop-ups to deal with... all options easily configured from the intuitive Tray utility. Simply specify which programs and services are authorized for network communication and TinyWall resides quietly in the background, blocking unauthorized inbound and outbound traffic from leaving your PC or LAN. It even shows you at a glance which programs and services are currently receiving/sending network traffic and those that are prevented from doing so. This fine, little gem of a utility adds substantial protection to your PC and network with little effort on your part... HIGHLY recommended!

Rob C.

Lean, light, and inexpensive. Nicely done, thank you!

Intelligent Light LLC

Excellent work to use the native windows firewall, make it usable, and block everything with no choices to users. Thanks for your great work with this....Pete

This is a fantastic firewall ! Keep up the good work ! It's definitely one of the best firewalls that we have ever used ! Thank you

Great Product

Adanch Cochon

I like TinyWall best of anything for Windows 7, but I still miss Kerio 2.1.4, which asked the first time every single thing happened and had a really intuitive interface to tell it what to do about it.

Perhaps TinyWall has this option and I'm just not seeing it.

I want my Kerio back!!!! (Or I want TinyWall to start acting just like Kerio.)

Vicki Coffman

Très bon travail, merci.

chris tophe

Excellent performance.


So simple, what a great idea. Keep it up!

TinyWall is great firewall. Please have an option to be able to choose the installation location. Please!!!! I'll donate a million dollars.

The best firewall Ive ever used 1000% happy with it and its helped me out alot so Thanks!

Daniel LH

Thanks for this perfect firewall for my needs.


Please keep up the good work. TinyWall is the best firewall i have ever used.

Thank you! I have kept on using your program. I'm glad you are back!! Keep up the good work.: )


En mi opinión una de las mejores, sino la mejor, opciones en cuanto a cortafuegos se refiere. Sigue así amigo.

Pedro Trujillo

Very good firewall. I like it.

Brilliant app design without unnecessary functionality. Gets the job done and does it very well indeed. Thank you!


Great work, thanks!

Un gran firewall


Best Windows firewall I have used. Thanks for your work!

Adam K

Thank you for a great little firewall

Easy does it. With TinyWall the Windows Firewall becomes useful. The fact that the connections screen doesn't refresh (in my W8PC) has some advantages. The disadvantages are neutralized by using TCPView simultaneously.

Cornelis T. Boshuis

Great idea for the concept of Tiny Wall, I love it.

Ralph Uidl

Perhaps: ) Thanks!

Alyosha Cheetah

Great Utility!! Easy to use, and I like that it blocks everything until you tell it what to allow. Beats the 'Security Fatigue' I have experienced with other firewalls...


Uber firewall, keep up the good work! Csak így tovább!!!


Great addition to Win's Firewall. Please continue improving TW. Thanks.

G C Griswold




Great program, fast response from the developer. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the realization of this software.


Thanks for a wonderful firewall with a small footprint. It keeps my machine running well, and prevents unauthorized updates from occurring.


Keep up the good work!

Awesome work!


Way to keep it free! Have yourself a drink! Hope others continue to support your work.


thanks making a firewall without auto config, :)


Nice, simple program. NO Fuc*ing billion settings. Just simple allow or block connections with Firewall itself protection. Thanks.


Nice work! Nice App!

Rodrigo Yassuda

I have selfish reasons perhaps but never the less, this is a very unique instrument.. and definitely deserves a hand for support to get better..


This is my first donation I have ever made to anything internet related. I do so now, because you have one piece of outstanding software, the mere fact it is free is boggling. Please keep it the simple and effective way it is now. I intend to be a regular donator for as long as long as this stays for everyone to use.
Also, please don't release no stupid custom GUI or ruin a perfectly good porgram (ex Malwarebytes) by trying to make it look modern and further restricting what the end user can do.


thanks dev


Thx for the service :)

Tinywall is simple, fast and effective - you don't want to miss it.

Gunther Stammwitz

TinyWall rocks!

Dusan Milatovic

Thank you very much for this excellent software!


Great piece of software. Does an excellent job, I look forward to further developments!

Oliver T

Exactly what it should be - lightweight and easy to manage. Great program!

M. Fredens

Keep Up the good work

Biso Limbu

Thank you for creating TinyWall and for the awesome support!

Vladimir Kochkovski

Wonderful program, thanks for making it :)

Daniel X

great application, Thanks donation #2


The world needs more efficient coding these days. Thanks for keeping the program tight and clean. Request: Let's add icon animation so we can have our network activity icons back in Win7. Also hot keys need to be definable (conflicts with Firefox). Thanks again. :)

David R.

Thank you for TinyWall. I must have tested five different programs before I found yours. TinyWall is simple, free and works very well. Good work!


Thank you for this really tight software and I really appreciate you offering it up for free.

Thank you very much for this great piece of software!
I hope You won't forget about the hungarian users and make us a translation.
Köszönjük! ;)

I hope this will solve my problems


One great little firewall... thank you

Jerry Martin

Great work!


Thank you for an excellent application!


Thank you. :)

Hope you find the time for further development. Very much appreciated.

Andy Schoe

Thank you for TinyWall!

Jason Clement


Charles Franks

Great idea - and well executed. I've been looking for a simple firewall replacement without bloat for years and this really does the job well! Keep up the good work.