TinyWall 3.3 is here!

What is TinyWall

TinyWall is a lightweight, user-friendly, and secure firewall for Windows. It is also completely free.
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Latest News

Version 3.3 released!

Major code modernization and lots of memory and performance enhancements.


Non-intrusive operation

TinyWall lets you work while protecting you. No annoying popups and simple configuration.


TinyWall's performance impact is neglible. It barely uses any resources on your computer.

More than your average

Tampering protection, blocklists, temporary firewall rules, UWP-support, boot-time filtering, and many-many more features.

Safe operation

No drivers or kernel-components are installed, which keeps your system stable.


Lots of convenience features make TinyWall very easy to use for almost anybody.

No cost

100% free, no ads, no artifical limitations, no upgrades. Also no data-collection and no telemetry behind your back.